BacR (bacr) wrote,

Борьба с наркотиками в детском саду

Ребёнку (4 года 1 месяц) в детсаду дали листовку с планом недели по борьбе с наркотиками в детсаду. Отсканировал, распознал.

xyz Private School, Red Ribbon Week, October 2lst - 25th

We are designating the week of October 2I - 25, 2013 as our celebration for Red Ribbon Week. We are delighted to report that xyz Private School. Is dedicated to being drug-free. We have several activities tentatively planned for the week. Please refer to the schedule below for more information. We look forward to working with you to help provide our students with s safe and drug-free school and community. Teochers will read the story of "Kiki" Camarena to their class. This story is behind the Red Ribbon symbol. (Teachers you may include this activity with you lessons).
Eoch teacher will be provided a story to read aloud to their class.

Red Ribbon Week Themes:

Monday, Oct.2l "Red Ribbon dedicated to being drug-free day" Students and Staff will create and wear a Drug Free Neck Wear.

Tuesday, Oct.22 "Put a cap on Drugs" Students and Staff will wear their favorite cap/hats to show their Drug Free Spirit.

Wednesday, Oct.23 "Team up against drugs with the Texans" Students & Staff will wear Texans Attire

Thursday, Oct.24 "Sock-if to Drugs" Students & Staff will wear mismatched or crazy socks to show the Drug Free Spirit.

Friday, Oct.25 "Shade out Drugs" Students & Staff will wear Red shirts & Sunglasses (the sunglasses can be worn on your heads during school).

Drug Free Red Ribbons will Be Worn Everyday

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, George Carlin

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